August 4-6, 2023 San Jose Mcenery Convention Center & Online

COVID-19 Detailed Health & Safety Policies

Last Updated July 7, 2022

Crunchyroll Expo is working closely with the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to create the safest experience possible for all attendees, exhibitors, and guests. The following policies will be updated as new guidance becomes available.


All attendees, exhibitors, guests, staff, crew, and all others 12-years-old and older entering the San Jose McEnery Convention Center must show proof of full vaccination.

Your proof of full vaccination must show that you have received at least two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A booster shot is not required. Full vaccination from any other vaccine approved by the CDC or WHO is also acceptable. Your final dose of the vaccine must have been administered at least 14 days prior to the event. 

Proof of vaccination accepted includes:

  • A CDC vaccination card or similar documentation issued by another foreign governmental jurisdiction
  • A photo of a vaccination card as a separate document, or stored on a phone or electronic device
  • Documentation of vaccination from a healthcare provider
  • A personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record with a QR code that scans to display name, date of birth, vaccine dates and vaccine type.

Attendees 18-and-older must additionally provide proof of identification (driver’s license or similar photo ID) for entry.

Your proof of vaccination will be checked once upon your first arrival to Crunchyroll Expo, after which you will be given a wristband confirming your vaccination status has been verified. Keep this wristband on all weekend, and show it at the entrance during any additional arrivals to bypass the vaccination check.

Attendees Under 12 Years Old

Attendees between ages 5 and 11-years-old must show proof of their initial two vaccination shots. A booster shot is not required.

Attendees Under 5 Years Old

Attendees between ages 2 and 4-years-old must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within these time frames:
  • One day prior to entry for antigen tests
  • Two days prior to entry for PCR tests
Tests for attendees under 5-years-old can be…
  • At a government-run testing facility
  • At a pharmacy like CVS
  • At-home tests from Amazon or other online retailers
If showing a negative test, accepted test results include…
  • A digital photo
  • A printed copy
  • A screenshot of an app
  • A screenshot of an email

Face Covering

All attendees, exhibitors, guests, staff, crew, and all others 2-years-old or older entering the San Jose McEnery Convention Center must wear masks, and please see the California Department of Public Health’s recommendations for preferred face coverings.

All face coverings must properly cover your nose and mouth. A mesh mask is not an acceptable face covering. A face shield is not an acceptable substitute for a mask.

Face coverings can be removed when eating or drinking and by panelists while socially distanced on stage, but face coverings must be worn at all other times at Crunchyroll Expo – including when taking part in any cosplay or celebrity photographs.

Cosplay Masks, Helmets, and Face Coverings

Cosplay masks and helmets are permitted but approved face coverings MUST be worn under the cosplay. Upon entry to the building, you may be required to remove your cosplay mask for security and show your approved face covering.

No Exceptions

Should our vaccination and mask policy not be a match for you this year, we encourage you to enjoy Crunchyroll Expo online at home, where we’ll be sharing exciting panels, entertainment, and features of Crunchyroll Expo virtually. We unfortunately cannot allow anyone 5-years-old or older into the San Jose McEnery Convention Center without vaccinations or face coverings. Crunchyroll Expo is a large gathering, and vaccinations and face coverings are required for the health and safety of all participants.

General Wellness

We ask that all attendees self-evaluate prior to coming to Crunchyroll Expo in order to protect others at the event. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has had COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event, please do not enter the convention center. Instead, please reach out to

Further Updates

These policies are as of July 7, 2022, and they will be updated as new guidance becomes available. As COVID-19 news changes rapidly, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media (Facebook Instagram Twitter) to be the first to receive new information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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